Feeling Cool in the Office

I run a tax prep company in NYC, and tax season is around the corner. Things are usually busier for me when the tax due date is near, but there are some people who like to file their taxes early, which is why my offices are open early in the year. One day while at the office, the heater stopped working and the temperature in the office began to dip. One of my employees contacted a company for HVAC repair in NYC. While waiting for them to come and fix the heater, everyone in the office was wearing their coats.

One of my workers came to work in a thick coat that her husband had given her during the holidays, so in a way, she was glad to have to wear it around the office. She liked how she looked in the coat and wanted to show it off as much as possible. I simply had my old black long coat that I had been wearing for years, and I didn’t really care that much about showing it off, because enough people have already seen it, so it was nothing special to them.

It wasn’t long before the repair company was able to get to my office and fix the heater. Even though the heater was fixed, the one employee who wore the new coat didn’t want to take it off. She didn’t care that she was starting to get hot, because to her, looking good in the coat was worth it. When it was time to lock up and go home, she was still wearing the coat, but by that point, the coat was needed, because she was going to her car. She mentioned that everyone in the office could get me a coat for Christmas, but I think that was a subtle dig at my old coat.