Tree Pruning Can Save Your Property and Even Your Life!

My neighbors have plenty of issues with the trees in their yards. We are set off from the other lots with no nearby trees that are not ours being able to be a problem for our property. I have a Nassau County tree pruning company come out on a regular basis and prune all of the trees that are on our property. We never have trouble with falling branches, falling trees or even problems with tree pests. We take preventative measures to protect our trees, ourselves and our property.

Large trees provide excellent shade, and you can even build a treehouse in some of them. We have a nice maple tree with main branches that are low enough to hold a nice treehouse. We have that tree closely monitored and expertly pruned often. We enjoy all of our trees, and they look good and are exceptionally healthy. On the other hand, every spring season I see my neighbors outside picking up fallen branches of all sizes. Almost invariably a neighbor will have a broken windshield, damaged roof, flattened outbuilding or other damage due to a large branch or tree falling. Even if their insurance covers it, there is the risk of injuries and the deductible to consider.

When a neighbor asks me what the secret is to having such healthy trees, I give them the number of the Nassau County tree pruning service that we use. Most of them never call until the actually need a large fallen branch or an entire fallen tree removed. Then they have the damage to contend with in addition to the cost of the tree removal. Regular pruning turns out to be cheaper. Even if it wasn’t, I would not want to have the risk involved with large trees that are not kept pruned and monitored for their overall health.